Ketamine Treatment for Migraines in St. Louis, MO

Reduce your symptoms with little to no long-term side effects

Consistent migraines can cause debilitating pain in those afflicted with them. Since they are generally worsened and triggered by environmental factors as common as bright lights or changes in the weather, they can make it difficult to perform normal tasks without feeling adverse effects. With an estimated 12% of Americans afflicted by migraines at least occasionally, finding an effective treatment for chronic migraine headaches can be a difficult task.

Ketamine infusion therapy for headaches has been proven to dramatically reduce migraine symptoms in patients who have tried and failed to seek relief through more common analgesics. In a study conducted at Jefferson University Hospital in Philadelphia, 75 percent of patients given ketamine infusion treatments reported a dramatic decrease in the intensity of their migraines after completing a full, six-infusion cycle.

Our St. Louis ketamine infusion clinic is experienced in treating migraine patients with ketamine IV therapy. We guide you throughout the process of ketamine treatments, monitor your mood and well-being between appointments, and provide robust post-treatment support. Contact us today to schedule a diagnostic appointment and learn more about ketamine therapy for migraines and other chronic headaches.

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