We have helped hundreds of people from across the St. Louis area treat conditions they thought could not be helped. Here are just some of our satisfied patients.

"This treatment changed my son’s trajectory for the best. We were able to wean him off of a high dose of a drug that caused difficult side effects and put him on a low dose of Lexapro. He has had one booster that he was able to schedule himself. I suspect he will need another booster or two. He went from not functioning at all to working again. Hoping to build confidence to return back to college over time. This treatment was a miracle for our family. We have hope again."

--Anonymous, age 21

"Drs. Tadros and Foroughi are both caring, thorough, and friendly and the nurse, Erin, is professional, caring, and thorough. My experience with this clinic has been amazing."

--Anonymous, age 26

"At this point, it seems like my baseline pain has for the most part been ranging between levels 1 and 2 on a scale of ten, with a few periodic spikes up to about 2.5 or 3. This is a significant improvement over my pre-infusion baseline (which typically ranged between 2 and 4 on a daily basis, with occasional spikes up to 5 or 6). Since my last infusion, I have experienced a handful of days with extended periods of almost no pain at all, which is something that has been exceptionally rare for me over the last 10 or 11 years. In the meantime, I can’t express how profoundly grateful I am for all of the time, effort, and personal care you, Drs. Tadros and Foroughi, and Erin have given me. After almost 11 years of daily gnawing pain, I can now actually envision a future in which pain is no longer the bane of my existence on a daily basis."

--John S.

"I have suffered from severe depression for most of my life and while medications and therapy have helped, nothing has made as much of a drastic and immediate improvement in my mood as the treatment I’ve received at The Midwest Institute for Hearts and Minds. The doctors and staff are amazing and I’ve finally found the happiness I’ve been searching for my entire life. For that, my family and I are eternally grateful."


"I am very thankful that I decided to go through with the infusions because my mood and anxiety were much improved after just 1 visit, so I wouldn't hesitate to refer anyone that I know who suffers as I do to try this out and see for yourself the results that you will achieve. They also do not put any pressure on you to decide whether you want to try their services or not. Enough cannot be said about the entire process and everyone that is involved who work at The Midwest Institute for Hearts and Minds. I am so happy that I decided to go forward with their services because it has definitely changed my thoughts and feelings."

--Jason B.

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