Ketamine Treatment for Bipolar Disorder St. Louis, MO

While ketamine infusions are most notably used to help remedy treatment-resistant cases of major depressive disorder, a number of studies have also proven its positive effects in treating bipolar disorder. A study from the National Institutes of Health and University College London showed that ketamine infusion treatment greatly reduces anhedonia in patients with bipolar disorder. What this means is that people with bipolar disorder can experience fewer mood swings and have more consistent levels of pleasure and motivation following ketamine infusion treatment.

The Midwest Institute for Hearts and Minds is an experienced St. Louis-based ketamine clinic that offers low-dose ketamine IV infusions in a comfortable, modern setting. We are devoted to treating your entire condition--mind, body, and spirit--and ensuring that our patients are monitored and cared for throughout the treatment process. Contact us today to schedule an appointment and learn more about if ketamine infusion therapy in St. Louis for your bipolar disorder is a viable treatment option.

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