If ketamine is the right direction for you . . .

Once it is determined that you are a good candidate for ketamine infusion by a thorough evaluation and comprehensive screening, we will begin to get you ready for the treatments.

Leading up to the first infusion:

  • During the days and weeks leading up to the first infusion, we will review, in detail, the infusion process with you.
  • We prefer to include a family member or friend in this process (unless you prefer not to).
  • We will review the informed consent for the infusion with you and answer all outstanding questions.
  • Set up a schedule for a series of 6 infusions. Commitment to 6 infusions over a 3 week period is critical to the success of your treatment.
  • Arrange for payment for the infusions.
  • Determine if any of your current medications need to be held for a few days prior to infusion to ensure the best results.
  • As part of your treatment, we will register you in our unique mood monitoring program that will work through your phone.

On the day of your infusion:

  • We request that you stop eating and drinking 4 hours prior to your scheduled infusion.
  • You may not consume any alcohol or use other recreational drugs up to 12 hours prior to you infusion.
  • You will arrive 30-60 minutes prior to infusion.
  • You must be accompanied by an adult who will drive you home.
  • We will review the informed consent with you again prior to infusion and answer any outstanding questions.
  • You will take a short screening test to establish your current cognitive and psychological parameters.
  • You may choose to stop the infusion at any time before or during the infusion.

The Infusion:

  • You will be in a comfortable recliner in the infusion room.
  • The room has a soothing atmosphere for your comfort.
  • We will place vital monitors on you that will measure your blood pressure, oxygen level, and heart rhythm closely.
  • An intravenous catheter will be placed in your arm.
  • The infusion will begin and will last 40 minutes.
  • You are closely monitored at all times.
  • We will continue to monitor you after the infusion for 15-30 minutes prior to discharging you.
  • We will confirm your appointment for your next infusion.
  • You will be given written instructions.

After the infusion:

  • We ask you not to make any important decision for 12 hours after your infusion.
  • We ask that you don't drive for 12 hours after your infusion.
  • You may eat a light meal immediately after your infusion.
  • You will receive a phone call in the evening of your infusion to check on you.
  • You will get daily mood monitoring texts to check your mood through our automated system.

Once the series of infusions are completed:

  • We will continue to monitor your progress on a regular schedule.
  • You will resume any medications that were discontinued during the infusions.
  • Over time, maintenance infusions may be needed to maintain your sense of well-being.