Charles Tadros, MD


Dr. Tadros has been in practice since 1994. He is currently an internist at Tadros Medical, LLC. Dr. Tadros also serves as Medical Director for St. Anthony's Hospice. Previously, Dr. Tadros was the founder of Smoking Cessation Clinics of America. Over the past 3 decades, Dr. Tadros has developed extensive experience in treating patients with the most difficult mental health conditions. Dr. Tadros,  Along with a Board Certified Anesthesiologist, take the patient through the entire process.


Betsy Tomiser, LPC, NCC

testing director

Betsy is a Licensed Professional Counselor and a Nationally Certified Counselor.  She has a Master’s Degree in Counseling Psychology and has extensive experience in psychometric testing.  Betsy’s role at Midwest Institute for Hearts and Minds is to assess the patient’s presenting complaint and to measure the psychological and cognitive functioning of each patient during treatment.